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CannonKeys Keyboard Documentation

Keyboard Kits

CannonKeys currently offers the following DIY keyboard kits:

  • Practice 60 - 60% ANSI Keyboard
  • Practice 65 - 65% Keyboard
  • Ortho60 - 12x5 Ortholinear Keyboard
  • Ortho48 - 12x4 Ortholinear Keyboard

All kits are powered by an STM32 Blue Pill board. Our kits require a Soldering Iron, Solder, Flush Cutters, and an M2 screwdriver to assemble.

Flashing instructions are available here

If you'd like to change your keymap, please visit the firmware guide

Other Products

Documentation for standalone PCBs and other Group Buy products are also present on this site. Please use the sidebar to navigate!