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Commonly Used Parts

In many of our CannonKeys designed products, we use the same parts. This is true for a lot of burger mounted O-rings, OLEDs, encoders, etc. This chart shows what those products are and where you can buy extras, if you so desire.

Part Name Part # Info Vendor Link
Encoder EC11E18244A5 Alps Alpine (Detented) Mouser Link
Encoder EC11E1534408 Alps Alpine (No Detents) LCSC Link
Oled (With Pins) B08F1ZBGLN (ASIN) Blue or White w/ pins Amazon Link
Oled (No Pins) 8541549353 Blue or White No pins Amazon Link
Nylon Standoff Spacer Varies M2x.25" Misc Varies
Nylon Standoff Screw Varies M2x4mm Misc Varies
Bumpon 3MSJ5302 0.312" x 0.085" Amazon Link
Battery B019JQB5VS (ASIN) 10x CR1025 Amazon Link
Mount Screws N/A M2x6mm Monsterbolts Link
Case Screws N/A M2x10mm Monsterbolts Link
Micro Cutter B00FZPDG1K (ASIN) Hakko, basic Amazon Link
4-Pin Header PREC004SAAN-RC 4-Pin with black washer Digi-key Link
Mount O-Rings (70A) S1.00X002 1mm (2mm ID/4mm OD) TORS Link
Polyfill B08BVVXS28 (ASIN) RIP Mr. Teddy Amazon Link
RGB Strip Misc WS2812B Amazon Link
Solid Core Wire Misc 22 AWG Amazon Link
Per Key LED Misc 1.8mm or 2x3x4 Misc Varies
Knob Info Misc 6mm Shaft, 19mm Diam Misc Varies

In particular, these M2 screws are used for the Satisfaction75 and Brutal Series Boards (Brutal60, Savage65, Obliterated75, DevastatingTKL, and Rekt1800).

The Chimera and Balance boards use a different set of hardware, which we will add here in the near future.

Plate Disclaimer

For most CannonKeys designed keyboards, since we may not offer plates in every material someone might want, we release our plate files. These are available solely for personal use. We've chosen to release this under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License. This means while you can use these files to make a plate for your own use, you can't distribute any derivative works, or use them for any commercial purposes. We consider group buys as a commercial purpose.

Furthermore, we provide these files as-is and provide no warranty or guarantee around these files. By using them, you agree to take responsibility for their use.


License: CC BY-NC-ND 4.0

PCB Disclaimer

We also provide STEP models of our PCBs so that other designers can make compatible products. For most of our PCBs, we also have a daughterboard based variant, which we can also share, but are not listed here.

If you're interested in sourcing PCBs for a project from us, or want the daughterboard based models, please reach out to! We aim to try to keep these PCBs in-stock, so that your customers and supporters can easily obtain replacement PCBs.

These models are provided under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License. You are free to use them for commercial purposes, but you have to give us credit - but not in any way that suggests the we endorse you or your use. No warranties are given - these files are provided as-is, and by using them, you agree to take responsibility for their use.


License: CC BY 4.0

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