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VIA .json Loading

VIA .json Loading Guide

Occasionally a keyboard has support for VIA, but has not yet been added into the official VIA database. To get around this, a .json can be used to give VIA the data needed for remapping.


If you are using this guide for a different PCB, you will need the .json for that specific keyboard

Step 1: Open VIA

  • Open VIA
  • On the top right of the VIA interface, press the settings tab
  • Toggle the show design tab
  • Click the new design tab, and load in the .json you downloaded

via load .json

Step 2: Load the .json - Once the file has been selected, open it in VIA. - Your page should now look like this:

loaded via .json

Step 3: Click the configure tab in the top left

  • Once the .json has been loaded, click the configure tab and you should see your keyboard with the correct keymap
  • You are now ready to remap your keyboard!

via keymap opened

Bonus Steps

  • To view different layers, click on the layer button in the top left of the interface to navigate between all your layers. You can only view one layer at a time.
  • To change lighting effects and colors, click the lighting tab in the bottom left of the interface.
  • It is highly recommended to save your layout once everything is rebound to your liking. This will make future edits much quicker.

keymap shown multiple layers