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Using your Satisfaction75

There are a number of features built in to the Satisfaction75 that aren't usually present in keyboards. Here is how to use them!


The Satisfaction75 is built around two primary things - the encoder and OLED. The OLED will show you what mode the encoder is operating in. Each mode has a different action for the encoder to do depending on whether it goes clockwise, counterclockwise, or is pressed. These modes are enumerated in the table below:

Mode Name OLED Indicator Clockwise Counterclockwise Press
Volume VOL Volume Up Volume Down Mute
Media MED Next Track Previous Track Play/Pause
Scroll SCR Mouse Wheel Down Mouse Wheel Up None
Brightness BRT Screen Brightness Up Screen Brightness Down None
Backlight BKL Backlight Increase Backlight Decrease Toggle Breathing
Custom Mode CS# Defined in VIA Defined in VIA Defined in VIA

There are 3 custom modes. They are configurable by VIA to do any action that QMK can handle.

To change modes, hold FN + turn the encoder knob.

OLED Screen

The OLED screen has a 3 different modes. You can toggle between them using FN + Pressing the encoder.

  • Default Mode - This mode shows a matrix readout visualization, modifier highlights, layer indicators, the time, caps and scroll lock indicators, and encoder mode indicator.
  • Time Mode - This mode shows the date and time, as well as the encoder mode, layer indicator, and CAPS lock indicator.
  • OFF Mode - Sometimes you don't want to see your OLED, so you can turn it off.


Within Via, FN is called MO(1).

Clock Setting

In order to set the clock, we have to enter CLOCK setting mode. In order to do so, press FN + the key directly below the knob.

In clock setting mode, you will see part of the date/time underlined. Turning the knob will change this value. Pressing the knob will advance the underline to the next part of the date/time.

When done setting the time, press FN + the key directly below the knob to exit the clock setting mode, and lock-in the time.

VIA Support

You can use VIA Configurator to configure your Satisfaction75 keyboard. It's a nice and intuitive way of setting up your keymaps.

In addition to that, there is a special menu, made specifically for the Satisfaction75. From the default view, hit the "CUSTOM" header:

From there, you can control the enabled encoder modes and default OLED mode:

To set a custom encoder behavior, you can use this chart:

Each box controls a different behavior in the custom encoder mode, and can be defined with a QMK keycode.