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Balance Resources


The Balance keyboard is powered by QMK - the code is open source and available here

To flash the keyboard, please follow our Chimera65 flashing guide. The Balance PCB is flashed using the same method.


The VIA JSON for using VIA with the Balance is available here.

Once our pull request is accepted to the VIA keyboard repo, this JSON will no longer be necessary, but is here as a reference.


The knobs used on Balance have a 19mm outer diameter.

The screws used are:

  • M2 x 4 Flat Head Screws (Accent and Daughterboard Screws)

  • M2.5 x 8 Socket Cap Screws (Case Screws)

Note that the M2x4 flat head screws are also used for the top accent pieces.

If you'd like plate files, please contact support. We make them available for non-commercial use for free.