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Testing your Blue Pill

Prior to doing any build, you should test your Blue Pill to make sure it works.

If your Blue Pill does not have yellow jumpers soldered on it, please follow the appropriate section in Bluepill modification to pin your blue pill to the proper mode.

  1. First, flash your bluepill, following the guide here
  2. The bluepill should be recognized by your computer as a keyboard.
  3. Open a text editor and get ready to type!
  4. Next, depending on your firmware, take a pair of tweezers and touch them to the following pins at the same time. You should see the following letter or character show up on the screen in your text editor.
    • Practice60: B10 and B6 - Z
    • Ortho60: B10 and B6 - Z
    • Ortho48: B1 and A2 - X